Day 209 of 400: Island San Cristobal – Galapagos Islands

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This morning we ate a quick breakfast, got all our final things packed and into the main room of the boat.  We were going back to the island of San Cristobal where we first started our Galapagos voyage 8 days ago.

Once on the island and before getting to the airport, we jumped on a bus which took us to the interpretation center.  It was basically a museum with various rooms describing the history of the islands and those who settled there.  It progressed from old history to today’s locals.  We spent a couple of hours reading and learning about the land we had just spent time experiencing.

We were particularly interested in the information on Charles Darwin.  It explained how he used these islands as a source to create the theory of evolution.  These islands, their species and various fauna are still studied today by scientists around the world to understand life on earth.  It was so special for us to have the experience to walk on the same land as Charles Darwin…looking at the same species he studied so long ago.

After our history lessons, we had a bit of free time to shop in the main town before getting to the airport.  The airport was extremely small and was island style with open doorways to allow the breeze to come through.  Our flight was delayed but we finally boarded and took the short flight back to the mainland of Ecuador.  Once we arrived in Quito, Giff and I had a few hours before our long flight to the USA.  We had dinner with Giff’s mom, sister and brother-in-law in celebration of his mom’s birthday.

Once dinner ended, Giff and I grabbed our stuff and got back to the airport to check in and board our flight.  We are stopping in Vegas and California for 2 weeks.  It will be just enough time to get doctor check ups, see our friends, attend a wedding and re-pack new clothes for our next 6 month journey around the world.

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