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The price to take a ferry from Sorrento to the island of Capri was the same price as a guided tour around the island by ferry-boat, so we opted for the tour.  The boat itself was nothing special…there were probably 100 people aboard with us…all of us listening to the tour guide tell us little facts about the island and where to go etc.  The ride was about an hour before we arrived and docked.

The city center of Capri had loads of tourists (apparently the beauty of this island isn’t a big secret)…and we played that same role looking at all the shops and taking pictures of the cathedrals and cobblestone streets.  The pricing in the little boutiques were definitely on the pricey side, so we did mostly window shopping.  After walking around a bit, we escaped the madness and started walking off the beaten path to the edge of the island where we found a trail.  It was about 95 degrees and high noon so the hike was especially difficult as we climbed up and down steep flights of steps…but the views were extremely rewarding…it reminded us of Hawaii.

The rugged cliffs were massive, the rocks sticking straight out of the water, the hidden caves and the gorgeous coastal views of the island were stunning.  There were tons of little lizards slithering around as we hiked up and down the mountain.  It was nice to just stare out at the horizon as all the boats sailed by.

As we were getting close to the end of our hike…my face was beet red and Giff was sweating to the point where he could ring his shirt out several times.  We saw umbrellas below and what looked like beach access.  We took the 300 meter hike down towards the water even though this meant we would need to hike back up.  Once we got to the bottom, we found out the beaches were private…we could have access but it was about $25 per person just to stick our pinky toe in the water.  We couldn’t justify the money, so turned around for the long hike back up.

It would have been smart of us to bring a bottle of water or some fruit on this long hike…but didn’t!  By the time we got to the top, we were extremely thirsty.  Thankfully there was a lemonade stand and we quickly ordered two lemonades.  We were given two small Dixie cups of lemonade for $6 each!  It was highway robbery but we needed the drink.

Once we cooled off a bit and bought some large waters, we saw the clock was ticking.  We needed to be at a certain port by a certain time to catch our boat back and wanted to see the top of the island first.  We quickly caught a public bus full of people dripping in sweat (including us) as we were all squished together to get to the town at the top called, Anacapri.  We only had about an hour but were hungry so found a touristy food place to grab a quick snack.  We continued through the town, looking at the main sites and taking a few pictures.  It was much quieter up there, not as many people.  Both the town of Capri and the town of Anacapri had their typical squares with old buildings and cute streets, but the real reason to come to this island has nothing to do with the center.  It is a must to get out of the town and onto a hiking path in order to appreciate the landscape.

Once we got back down on the bus to the main town of Capri…we opted to take the downhill walk the rest of the way to our port.  We made it back with a few minutes to spare, and then got back on the boat to finish our island tour and head back to Sorrento.  They showed us a few different sites like a statue hidden in a cave and some of the beautiful coastline from the boat view.  They also pointed out the blue grotto which is one of the highlights of Capri.  It is sea cave and the way the sun shines through the water into the cave causes it to light up with a blue color.  The lines were quite long with people wanting to enter the cave so we didn’t do it, but probably would have had we stayed on Capri for another day.

A bit sunburned and sticky from our hike, we got back from the boat and back to our hotel.  We went next door to a restaurant and ordered a pizza and salad to take to our hotel room before climbing into bed.  Our overall opinion of Capri is that the island itself is gorgeous and the hikes are challenging but rewarding with the breathtaking views.  There are however way too many tourists swarming the streets.

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  1. So bummed we missed you…we were in Capri last Saturday right before we left!! Check out our pics on my facebook! Maybe we can hook up somewhere else along your trip..still so many days to go! Hope you & Giff are well! Ang

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