Day 115 of 400: Tel Aviv – Israel

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We had a very leisurely day today.  We had another typical Israeli breakfast this morning with Ayal’s sister at a coffee shop.  It consisted of about six little bowls of cheeses, humus, olives, roasted peppers, tuna salad as well as a freshly baked loaf of bread and a chopped salad.  It was also served with fresh squeezed orange or carrot juice.

We walked our breakfast off by strolling through the various streets and neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.  We did lots of boutique shopping…trying on clothes and shoes for fun.

We decided tonight would be a great night to stay in and watch movies.  We stopped at a sandwich place for a light dinner on their patio, picked up some sweets and went to Ayal’s parents house (a beautiful condo with ocean view) to get in our comfies and watch movies until bedtime.

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