Day 91 of 400: London – United Kingdom

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Projectile vomit is not exactly what one would want to have rushing out of one’s throat while stuck in an airplane bathroom on a seven hour flight to London.  This was mom’s first time overseas.  It was only four hours earlier she had decided to eat a pre-packaged turkey sandwich at the airport and now was waking up to clammy hands and throw up.

They took her off the plane in a wheel chair and we finally found her after waiting for hours at her gate in London.  We opted for a taxi (don’t take a taxi from Heathrow to the center unless there is no other option because it is a total rip off) since mom needed to get to a bed and water fast.  We think it was a mixture of food poisoning and dehydration.  We arrived at the Marriott in Westminster located in the old town hall right on the river by the London Eye (huge ferris wheel).  We checked in and mom and I napped while Giff hit the gym.

Dinner was amazing Indian food.  Mom stayed in to rest and Giff and I went to a place we had eaten one time before…in 2005 on our honeymoon.  London is known for having some of the absolute best Indian food.  Why eat somewhere else when this place is hands down the best?  The place is called Veeraswamy, (  if you go to London and like Indian food…this is the place!  We had a table by the window overlooking the street.  We ordered fish slathered in spices and a chicken curry dish served with rice and of course their delicious naan.   We washed it down with a bottle of wine and chatted with our waiter about her tips on where to go in South Africa.

We walked back to our hotel and found mom watching TV and sipping on water…we all went to bed.

One Reply to “Day 91 of 400: London – United Kingdom”

  1. Wow. What a day! Poor thing, getting sick on vacation is bad enough but on a plane! Yuk!
    Hope she is feeling better now!! Love to read about your experiences!!

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