Day 66 of 400: Bad Hofgastein – Austria

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It was snowing pretty heavily today, so we slept in and then Giff made a huge breakfast.  We spent most of our day watching the snowfall, eating and relaxing.

It was getting to be the evening and we decided to go our for a bite or pint.  It seemed like many places were closed in our little town so we drove down the mountain to see what the next major village had to offer.  Bad Hofgastein was the name of it and we saw what looked like a cute pub right before the main area.

The bar was located downstairs and they asked us to pay a cover charge because there was live music playing soon.  Well, it turns out…this place was not exactly what I would call cool.  We found two bar stools and attempted to order a couple drinks from the bartender who spoke very little English.

That was when we really investigated the small dance floor with the colored disco ball lights disbursed all over the ceiling.  Below the 80’s lights was the “live band” setting up.  They consisted of a keyboard player and a singer.  As for the music…it wasn’t exactly pop music they were playing.  Then we started to people watch…Giff pointed out our immediate surroundings.  The couple across from us were two men and the couple on the left side were two women but there were some couples in between.  Surprisingly, many people were out twirling around on the dance floor.  We ordered one more beer and then left all the fun to the others.

We drove through the little town of Bad Hofgastein which was marked by the large church steeple.  It was after hours so all was closed but it could be a cute little village to explore during the day.

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