Day 64 of 400: Bad Gastein – Austria

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We had a totally lazy day today!  We sleepily walked out the door to find the nearest place for breakfast.  We tried  a couple different things at the bakery…none of which were very good so we decided to go straight to the grocery.

Yes, we definitely went overboard at the grocery.  After having to pay 1 euro to detach the grocery cart from the others, we started filling it up.  We got all kinds of fruits/veggies then cheeses, meats, chips, wine, and a big bag of spatzle which is a noodle made of egg and flour.  It is a local specialty and we decided we would try to cook with it at the timeshare.  We had enough groceries for the week.  Lesson learned…when we returned the cart and re-attached it to the other carts, we received our 1 euro back!

Once we were back at our place, we made breakfast, toast on a thick dark brown bread with cherry jelly.  We basically sat around the entire day in our “comfies”.  We worked on the computer, watched TV and read our books.

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