Day 62 of 400: Zurich – Switzerland

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The buffet breakfast was first class.  Eggs to order, 8 individual bowls with various nuts, seeds and granola to make your own mix, yogurts, cheeses, meats, waffles, breads and juices…we left stuffed.

Zurich seems to be Switzerland’s NYC, it is huge.  There is a river leading to a lake that runs through the center of the city.  Street vendors are everywhere selling all sorts of food but specifically sausages, pretzels and Knobl ibrot which is a frnech bread smothered in butter and garlic cloves then toasted.  We obviously had to taste that one and it was good!   How could it not be?

We weaved in and out of the old town cobblestone and walked along the river.  There were tons of people out and about.  To the left of the river was what appeared to be the more upscale side of the city with Rodeo Drive type shops.  We saw an amazing chocolate store and followed our nose as we saw every shape and type of chocolate.  They were most known for their champagne truffles.  We bought a box and are fighting over who gets the last one.

As we continued our walk, we heard a marching band approaching.  We found out it was the beginning of their spring festival. We slowly made our way back to the hotel knowing we had a long drive ahead in order to check into our timeshare in Austria.

We drove the 6 1/2 hours from Zurich, Switzerland to Bad Gastein, Austria.  We stopped only for gas and coffee.  Because McDonalds was right off the exits, we stopped to grab a coffee and found out these McDonalds have their own counter (separate from the fast food) called McCafe.  The look is similiar to a starbucks with beans to grind per cup of coffee served with a chocolate and of course lattes on the menu.  I really am not fond of McDonalds in general but this McCafe was pretty nice…why don’t they do this in the states??

We finally arrived in the dark to our timeshare where we checked in and got settled…again with the beds that pull out from the wall-not so good for the lower back!

3 Replies to “Day 62 of 400: Zurich – Switzerland”

  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your web site while I was looking up something about Switzerland. We just returned on Sunday from a very short 1 week vacation in Switzerland. We spent time in some of the same towns you visited — Sion, Nendez, Zurich, and oh, the town with the Cailler chocolate factory! Since our vacation was so short, it’ll be nice to read your blog and see the photos of the places we missed.

  2. Bran- your whole face lights up around the chocolate! Love having this to look at everyday-makes me feel like I’m there with you guys-pictures are great and sounds like an amazing trip. Just saw on the news where the small country of Lichtenstein (between Switzerland and Austria) is for rent-yes, the entire country! It’s just $70,000.00 a day! 🙂
    Love to you both can’t wait to join you in just 3 weeks!!

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