Day 60 of 400: Lausanne, and Geneva – Switzerland

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Our drive today was about 2 1/2 hours to Geneva.  On our way we pulled over to take a few pictures of the Chillon castle sitting right on the lake in Montreaux dating back to 1150.  We continued towards Geneva but decided to stop in Lausanne.  We sat at place on the corner of the street for lunch.  Giff ordered a burger and fries served on an individual cutting board and I ordered a tuna sashimi salad, both were good.

Walking through the city, we saw there was a ton of shopping…but still being in Switzerland…everything was very pricey.  I found a super cute bracelet made of leather and silver but with self discipline didn’t purchase it being it was 190 CHP.  Should we really be buying things like this from various countries?  On one hand, it’s a fun and memorable accessory to have from different areas of the world but on the other hand, not buying things like that can give us that many more days experiencing new places in our travels.  Maybe a little bit of both is the answer but specifically in Switzerland…you don’t exactly get much bang for your buck!

Speaking of not being cheap, as we approached Geneva we realized this city is the land of some of the best watches in the world. Names like Mont Blanc, Zenith and Patek Philippe just to name a few.  This is heavenly for Giff…he can stand and look in these luxury windows all day.  He enjoys seeing what the latest styles are and talking to the shop owners about the watches he owns. Even the street names and squares are named after these watches.

We continued looking around the city.  The train here literally runs through the center.  Around 6PM we decided to find a place to sit and have a drink but then realized all the tables outside were taken…literally every single one.  It was a fun scene to watch the culture…young and old were out enjoying the beautiful evening drinking and chatting.  We finally found a table outside a chocolate shop and ordered a couple scoops of ice cream (Carmel and Cassis).  They were served with a miniature macaroon.

After our short break we finished seeing the city and drove back to our place.  Tomorrow we need to check out and continue our drive to the tallest point in Switzerland!

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