Day 17 of 400: Barcelona, Catalonia – Spain

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Oh my gosh…Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona is so fascinating.  We couldn’t take our eyes off of it.  Do not miss this cathedral which is a bit off the beaten path when you visit this city.  It will blow you away.

Today we walked for hours and hours all over the city.  We walked on the outskirts of the main area in the residential areas and continued walking until we hit the “touristy” area of Las Ramblas.  That main stretch reminds me of the Santa Monica promenade in CA, except even busier.  People were on every inch of the sidewalk and street performers were all over the place.  As we weaved between people we saw what looked like a huge farmers market.  This market had tons of vendors with fresh fruit, veggies, meats, cheeses, eggs, bread-you name it and it was there.  Most things were very well priced so we decided to pick up some picnic makings.
Once we got back to our hotel we basically opened our picnic goodies up on the couch and relaxed.  The shower after dinner was where I made a discovery.
The tape that had been over my incision came off and there was a hole in the incision!!!  It had ripped open.  Panic…
After sending pictures to our surgeon, he suggested we go to the ER to have them stitch it and give me an antibiotic to keep out infection.  It was 2AM when we walked into the hospital to find the room full of other people waiting to be seen.  After speaking to the front desk and the nurse both whom spoke minimal English, we spoke to a surgeon.  She explained that health care there was different than the US and required an average wait of 3 hours (is this the healthcare Obama wants to bring to the US??) but that they would try to sneak me in.
Laying on that table behind a curtain by myself with 2 nurses and a doctor in another country as they stitched me up without any type of anesthetic was far from ideal.  But, she said she got the hole closed and they gave me an antibiotic and said there was no infection.  So, 300 euros later we were back in our hotel room by about 4AM.  Time to get some sleep before we get onboard our cruise tomorrow.

One Reply to “Day 17 of 400: Barcelona, Catalonia – Spain”

  1. hey guys!!! looks like you’re having such a good time. just reading your barcelona entry brought back a ton of my own memories…was there beginning of april for 8days right after rome. awesomeness.

    i noticed you guys have turkey on your list…one of my absolute favourite places in the world. spent 3 weeks there in 2008. if you want a great seaside escape (and there are lots, there’s a little place on the the northern agean coast called assos) with a kavansary that is beautiful. and in cappadoccia (where the chimney fairies are and cave hotels) i would recommend the kelebek hotel…it’s got a great hamam and great view and fantastic rooms and cheap…but a lot of turkey is.

    have the best time!

    xo, j

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