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We really did it!  Before, we talked about how amazing it would be to just leave everything for a year and travel the world.  We imagined all the places we would go…we smiled at each other as we talked about just doing it.  But, at the time, our plate was full and realistically could we really just up and leave after the treatments were done?  What would we do with the house?  Our cats?  Our jobs?  What about the money for travel?  Was it smart to use our savings to travel the world?

But today our flight leaves at 6:50PM from LA to Paris!  We sold our house, left our jobs, put our cats with family and decided spending our money to travel the world sooner than later was exactly what we should do.  Why wait?
Our flight went smoothly…we had a row of 4 seats to ourselves which was great.  The food definitely lacked some taste and the wine not so great but we would soon be in the south of France where food and wine would be anything but lacking!

We arrived in Nice, France in the early evening, grabbed our car rental and headed down the coast to Cannes.  Our hotel was front and center (Canberry hotel)and after check in, we headed straight to dinner.  We had only been walking a couple blocks when we ran into Il Teatro restaurant.  Picture a small 2 story little restaurant…maybe 8 tables upstairs and  8 tables downstairs.  Our table was upstairs looking down on the first floor.  Giff ordered the house special veal with salad and I ordered the waitress’s favorite penne with eggplant, tomato and fresh mozzarella.  Both dishes were good but the show stopper was the tiramisu.  House-made, it arrived in a mason jar-not too mushy, perfectly creamy and a thick layer of rich cocoa on top.  We decided this was actually the best we had ever had!

With our bellies full, and our eyelids heavy…we headed back to our hotel and fell fast asleep.

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