Day 323 of 400: Siem Reap – Cambodia

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We were so excited this morning…we got to fly into Cambodia which was a super quick flight, about 45 minutes.  Once we arrived into Siem Reap, our tour guide picked us up and brought us straight into the center of the small town.  He brought us to the tour guide office where we sat down with his boss while sipping a fresh coconut to go over the game plan for Cambodia.  He gave us a map of the area and we walked through the itineraries for the next couple days…temples, temples and more temples…this is home to the famous Angkor Wat!

After our meeting, our drivers took us to the local grocery store to grab some snacks and wine to take back to our hotel, which was just slightly out-of-town.  Once we arrived and checked in…we saw the hotel was more of a resort style with Asian music playing in the lobby, a full spa on the main floor and a restaurant.  After some moving around, we finally got settled into our room.  Since it was already the evening, we decided to eat a relaxing dinner at the restaurant in our hotel which had decent food…curry cooked in a  clay pot, spring rolls and some stir-fried veggies.  Then, Giff went back to our room to watch a movie with a bottle of wine while I went to the spa and had my feet and legs rubbed as I sipped on fresh lemonade…oh and the hour foot rub was $20!

I joined Giff in our room relaxed and ready for bed, tomorrow we will explore the area.

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