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After a quick rickshaw ride to the center of town from our hotel, we found a place called the White Lotus for lunch.  We ordered coffee first and then ordered lunch…the main meal being pork-stuffed squid, it was another local specialty.  Giff paired it with a cold beer and I with fresh squeezed watermelon juice.  As we waited for our food, we noticed a red brochure labeled Project Indochina with a picture of a young kid on the front.  As we read through it…we felt good we decided to eat at this particular restaurant.  They contribute a certain amount of their profits towards helping poverty-stricken people in Vietnam.  Eating for a good cause…no problem!

Since we had been measured at so many tailor shops yesterday, we had to re-visit most of them today for final fittings.  The town was fairly small so it was easy for us to get from one place to another.  It was fun to try on clothes that just yesterday were a roll of fabric on the shelf.  At one point we even jumped on the back of a motorbike to get to our various appointments on time…a little scary and not so smart but fun at the time.  We also saw multiple shoe stores where they were making shoes from scratch to fit exactly to our feet.  I couldn’t resist ordering a pair of boots but was really pushing it because it was already late afternoon and we needed it by first thing in the morning.  Giff didn’t buy shoes since he has so many at home already, but they did make him a cool belt.

For dinner, we again ordered a bowl of Cao Lau, fresh spring rolls which were served with a delicious peanut butter sauce as well as a soup and veggie dish.  It was all yummy and hit the spot after running around all day.

We realized we had purchased quite a few items and definitely needed to ship some stuff home.  The hotel lobby said they could call the local post office, who would send someone over directly to the hotel in the morning with boxes and paperwork for shipping overseas.  They would help us pack up the box, stamp the paperwork so we could track it and then would get it to the slow boat where it would take about 3 months to be delivered to the US.  I got our things organized in our room…writing down each item so we would know exactly what we packed while Giff ran around to additional tailors.  A couple of his things weren’t quite ready and he needed to run around getting the last-minute adjustments.

Finally Giff got back, we had everything organized and ready to pack.  We crawled into bed and had our alarm set for very early…we have to give plenty of time to deal with this shipment before leaving town in the morning.

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