Day 318 of 400: Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

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The limestone rock formations seemed to go on as far as the eye could see.  We spent our morning eating breakfast and taking pictures of the gorgeous scenery.  After a couple hours, we arrived at a floating village, we had seem many floating homes along the way but this was a whole village.

When we arrived, there were other boats full of tourists as well, wanting to see how the locals live.  Our boat anchored and we were met on the main dock by small row boats being rowed by local women.  Four of us got in one and we were taken away from the village for a short ride.  We went through a small cave-like opening and on the other side we found ourselves looking up at the sky but completely enclosed by the rock walls.  We took a minute to admire it and then rowed back out and through the village.  The local women pointed to the teal blue building and said it was their school.  We saw many houses, local people and small boats full of food for sale.  We also saw pollution and trash floating around…so disappointing.

Back on the main dock, we took pictures as we stood in the center of their tiny village and couldn’t help but to feel sad for the cats who were on leashes waiting to be the next meal.

After our village visit, we went straight back to the mainland where we had left from yesterday.  We all walked across the street to eat a gross touristy lunch before getting back in the van for our 3  1/2 hour drive.

Back at our hotel, we grabbed the rest of our things and got in a different car to head straight to the airport.  We had just enough time to find food before boarding, but the options were slim.  We ended up eating oodles of noodles and catching our flight to Hue, Vietnam.

It was late when we arrived and our guide picked us up and brought us straight to our hotel.  We noticed his English was very minimal…the next couple days should be interesting.  Our hotel was basic…we got our things in our room and fell asleep.

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