Day 301 of 400: Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School (course 1) – Thailand

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Cooking class got started a bit late today and instead of a morning activity…we went straight into the classroom to learn our first dish.  Today our 6 dishes were; Thai hot and sour prawn soup, green curry with chicken, Thai style fish cakes, Thai fried noodles, minced pork northern style and water chestnuts with sugar syrup and coconut milk.  Our favorite of the day was the green curry with chicken which gets its green color from all the fresh sweet basil used, and our least favorite was the water chestnuts in sugar syrup (there are many other desserts to choose from).

We enjoyed our last full day of cooking class…now recognizing the main ingredients used in all Thai dishes as well as becoming familiar with how to cook a set portion (Giff is a great cook but always makes enough for a small army).  We had fun learning the new more efficient chopping techniques, feeling the accomplishment of making the dish from start to finish including the presentation and really getting the hang of how to cook Thai food.

Once class was officially over, we were given our certificate of achievement for completing the beginners cooking course, a cookbook with all the dishes we had made,  as well as a new apron with the name of the cooking school on it.  We took a picture with our instructor in our aprons and thanked everyone for getting us through class the past few days.

We relaxed a bit after our long day of cooking and then went out with another couple who was also staying at the chef’s house.  The cooking instructor brought the four of us out to a couple of the local temples which also included a small animal zoo.  We walked around one of the temples as our instructor explained a bit about the Thai people and their beliefs.

Back at the Chef’s house, Giff and I relaxed in our room and got things packed up since we need to check out in the morning.

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