Day 241 of 400: Flight from Christ Church to Melbourne, Australia

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Today was a travel day…we drove to the airport (where the Christchurch airport charged us $25 each just to leave the country of New Zealand), flew to Melbourne, Australia and then drove to our timeshare which was over an hour from the airport in a small town.  As we drove closer to our place, we realized…how “small-town” the area of Mansfield was and since we are staying at a timeshare vs. a hotel…we probably should have called to have them leave us a key.

We finally found our timeshare in the dark, down a long driveway after stopping for directions.  There were multiple individual cabin-like houses scattered throughout the woods.  We pulled up to the closed reception office and started thinking we were going to be sleeping in the car.  But…we saw a sign and an arrow showing keys for those of us arriving after hours.  We grabbed our key and map and made our way to our cabin which had 2 bedrooms, full kitchen and 2 bathrooms…very spacious for the two of us.

We got our things inside and after unwinding a bit, went to bed.

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