Day 181 of 400: Kilkenny – Ireland

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We arrived into Dublin, Ireland this morning and immediately got acquainted with our rental car being the driver’s seat was on the right side of the car.  It is strange as the passenger to get into the left side and not have a steering wheel!  And for the driver the rear view mirror is on the left side of the wheel and the stick shift is also on the left side!  We drove about two hours south of Dublin and arrived in a town called Kilkenny.

We checked into our B&B (Abbey Lodge, first which was a great location…within walking distance of all the sites and village area.  We were given a warm welcome and the host immediately took us to our room and turned our television onto a sports channel.  The main sport in Ireland is hurling and the Kilkenny team was currently playing.  As we looked closer at the screen, we saw that the teams had sticks similar to field hockey, no protective gear except a helmet and the sticks were being used high in the air to hit the ball or low and the object was to get the ball either over the goal bar or under the goal bar into the net where a goal keeper defended his area.  We quickly changed and freshened up so we could find a pub playing the game.

As we walked through the adorable town of Kilkenny…it was like taking a step back in time.  The building signs were old-fashioned but it wasn’t a sign made to look antiqueish…it actually was the real sign.  You could tell these buildings and shops had a long history, dating back to years like 1324.  The colors of the buildings were bright and the little signs that hung from each building were classic.

We found the bar the host had recommended and sat at the bar just in time to catch the end of the game.  We ordered the prime rib with mashed potatoes and a cup of homemade soup with brown bread.  We also ordered a Kilkenny beer and a Guinness to wash it down.  After watching Kilkenny win and finishing our food we continued walking through the main area admiring the old town feel.  We found another pub that was recommended, Kytelers Inn.  We ordered more food (lamb stew and a salad that was more meat than lettuce), a couple of pints of Guinness and sat in the bar area taking in the scene.  We noticed all the restaurants and pubs made their own soda bread and/or brown bread.  It was very tasty…more dense than airy being they don’t use yeast but baking soda as a substitute.  We also noticed the food was very home cooking style…pot roasts, stews etc.  Salads weren’t exactly a main dish.  Before leaving we peaked in downstairs and saw a live band was playing music and the place was packed with people, so much so that moving was a challenge but the music was great.

It was raining and late so we walked back to our B&B to get some R&R.

One Reply to “Day 181 of 400: Kilkenny – Ireland”

  1. B – I love watching your hair grow!!!!

    Dublin and all of Ireland are my absolute favorite spots to explore. Enjoy!!!!!! If you can make it waaaaay North, head up to Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway. So powerful. xo Sommer

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