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Today we docked in Croatia, Split. We have been here once before on a different cruise so had an idea of what the port would be like.  We walked amongst the tourists through the old center of town, taking pictures and stopping to look at the market items.  We picked up a box of blackberries to munch on and left the center to find a good hike.
We made our way to a park area and found a few trails.  One lead us up many steps until we reached the top where the Croatia flag waved in the wind and we were awarded great views of the city and ocean below.  After catching our breath and taking pictures we walked back down the numerous steps and onto a different hiking path.
The trail eventually got us back to the main harbor where we stopped for lunch.  Last time we were here, we had an amazing pizza with a great salad and beautiful views but after searching could not find the same place.  We settled for a different restaurant and ordered the same thing…a Greek salad and pizza…neither of which were worthy of any kind of comparison to the food we remembered.  We got back to the ship after we finished and enjoyed the spa, dinner at the Mexican restaurant and the casino (gambling is so addictive).  Tonight is our last night on the cruise ship!

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