Day 172-173 of 400: Cruise Boat – Eastern Mediterranean Adriatic Sea

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We had a leisurely breakfast, said our good-bye’s to the Piedmont region and drove the 4ish hours to Venice.  The drive was pretty basic being it was on the freeway.  Since we were only staying one night and leaving for our cruise tomorrow we opted to stay close to the airport…this way we could drop our car off in the morning and get onboard the NCL cruise.

After our good night sleep, we left our hotel, dropped off our rental car and took a taxi straight to our Mediterranean cruise this morning.  The line wasn’t too bad…we got onboard fairly quickly and put our things in our cabin.  We have been on this exact ship before and have sailed with NCL three times prior to this one so were all too familiar with the ship itself.

Since it was lunch time, we started our cruise in the formal dining room.  There are two dining rooms onboard which are sit down restaurants and all the food is free (or included in the cruise price).  They serve the same food but one is a bit more formal than the other.  The food is typical and applies to the masses…like caesar salad, salmon, prime rib, chicken etc.  You can order as much as you want…if you can’t decide on which of two entrée’s to order…then pick both!  And who only wants one dessert?  Giff and I have a few tips for dining room eating…we always order the dressing on the side since they drench the salads but we also will order the salmon from the entrée list and have it put on our salads.  We usually order three appetizers so we can taste lots of different things.  If you go during the rush hour, and have to wait for a table, they will give you a buzzer and free drink ticket…bonus!

After our first cruise ship lunch, we walked around the various levels taking pictures.  There were 12 floors on the ship, a gym, a spa, a big pool with a water slide (which was very tempting), 7 restaurants (you could pay from $10-$25 and have superior food), a buffet (free), a cafe-Blue Lagoon for quick sandwiches (free but gross), a running track, rock climbing wall, various bars and theater with live entertainment onboard.  Oh and of course there was a casino…we spent a good chunk of time in that area.

We had fun eating, drinking, relaxing and sitting in the spa which for the record has the best views with all glass windows in the very front of the ship. They have all kinds of normal spa packages (massages, acupuncture, nails, hair cuts, facials, seaweed wraps etc.) but they also allow about 40 people to purchase weekly passes.  It is $120 for the week and allows all access to the spa facilities…steam room, sauna, hot tubs, heated lounge chairs.  Instead of upgrading from an ocean view cabin to a balcony room we opted to spend less money on the room and indulge with the day spa pass.

Tomorrow we arrive in Dubrovnik, Turkey!

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