Day 61 of 400: Jungfrau, Piz Gloria, Murren – Switzerland

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Today we packed up, checked out and left our timeshare.  We were driving to a mountain called, Jungfrau…the tallest mountain in Switzerland.  We were wondering where the navigator (whom we named Bridgette) would take us.  The drive was beautiful, we curved around mountains and lakes and through valleys.

On our way up one of the mountains, we saw a big brewery with a tiny cafe.  We pulled over to sit with the other 2 people on the patio.  The waitress spoke mainly German but a little English. Switzerland is divided into different areas of language/culture.  We had been in the French speaking region but had crossed over to the German side.  We drank our beers and looked over the menu to see what types of food were local.  One thing that stood out was the horse steak served with a garlic butter sauce.  We confirmed with the waitress that in fact it really was horse on the menu…she said it was sweet.  Of course we ordered it…just kidding, no horse meat for us today!

Back in the car we continued our drive up the mountain until we arrived at a train which Bridgette (navigator) called a ferry.  We have been on a ferry in our car across a body of water before and we have been on trains but never driven our car onto a train to have it take us 25 minutes through a pitch dark tunnel up even higher into a mountain!

Once we arrived on the other side of the tunnel, the train stopped and let us off to continue driving.  The countryside was hilly and green with patches of German houses.  After about 40 minutes of driving we arrived in a town in which the only way to continue going up was to get on a panoramic ski lift.  This lift probably held about 30 people and would take you to the next mountain where you get off and get on another lift to take you to the next mountain until you had ridden about 4 lifts and found yourself at the very top of the mountain at a restaurant called Piz Gloria.  It was the first rotating restaurant in the world overlooking the tops of the Alps.  The food was overpriced so we just ordered a drink and bowl of french fries to munch on while the restaurant slowly rotated and showed a us a 360 degree view through the all glass windows.

We went outside to take some pictures and Giff decided this was the perfect first spot to release some of his dad’s ashes.

The last lift down was leaving so we jumped on and took it down a few stops to a small village called Murren.  It was tiny with only a couple restaurants and hotels.  We found a picturesque place to stop and picnic.

After taking the remaining lifts down to the bottom, we continued our drive to Zurich.  About 4 hours later we arrived into the huge city and checked into our hotel.  It was late so we scoped out the hotel (Marriott) which was nice and sat in their executive lounge (free snacks and drinks) and read a bit on the city sites before heading to bed.

One Reply to “Day 61 of 400: Jungfrau, Piz Gloria, Murren – Switzerland”

  1. Your dad would have loved to see these mountains. He would have wanted to hike them. And, I’ll bet he would have ordered horse to go along with local beer.

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